"I'm a porcupine! I'm covered in porks!"

I'm Brandy, a child photographer for stylish parents who want quality images of their children in a relaxed, fun and affordable way. Fresh Sugar is about to enter its 16th year in business, and I'm proud to say that I've watched some of Calgary's cutest kids grow up.
I've been super excited to be featured in magazines like Professional Photographer and Rangefinder, I've won various photography awards and have even been published in a book! My greatest accomplishment however, (besides setting up the wireless printer that time) is having repeat clients that I see year after year.
I'm an avid reader, and a super Disney nerd. I'm a mom of both teenagers and toddlers, and we love to travel as much as we can. My husband Josh is an incredible stay-at-home dad so I can do what I love. And yes - sometimes we absolutely get on each other's nerves both being at home, but it's totally worth it. (most of the time)
I'm an Instagram addict, I'd love to connect with you!